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tom_eldridge_profile_ikandi_mediaTom Eldridge

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Jumping in at the deep end, Tom kick started his career working on music videos for bands such as R.E.M, with legendary music video director Nigel Dick. From there it went downhill as he hit the slopes and combined his newly acquired filming skills with his passion for snowboarding. Since receiving a distinction for his Pg Dip in Broadcast Television at Falmouth College of Arts, Cornwall, Tom has been pro-active in pushing the Ikandi boat out into deeper waters, collecting various awards on the way and working freelance for the BBC, ITV and more… as well as keeping us on top of our game with his super powered vegetable juices.

toby_lobb_profile _ikandi_mediaToby Lobb

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Before Ikandi was formed, Toby worked for various production companies in the South West including Carlton, ITV Westcountry and Satellite Park. Toby met Tom during their time at Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall while studying for a Pg Dip in Broadcast Television, they have been good friends ever since. With a solid background in broadcast production & management Toby brings with him skills as a producer, director, musician, editor and cameraman.
When he’s not filming or stuck in an edit suite, Toby enjoys nothing more than making music under the pseudonym of ‘Loveridge‘ and is also the newest member of the popular sea shanty group ‘The Fisherman’s Friends‘.  This has seen him tour the country, performing in impressive venues and playing at several festivals.
Toby is the proud father of Archie & Daisy, who constantly keep him on his toes and have helped him improve his organisational and tidying skills!!
However, these skills and experience have all been overshadowed by his powerful performance as a dancing robot in Tom’s Pg Dip masterpiece ‘The Green Robot’.

Annalisa Mather

Annalisa came on board to manage our productions in America as our reputation spread across the big pond. When she is not producing award winning films for Ikandi you can find her teaching skiing on the slopes of Snowmass Colorado.


John Eldridge

John began his production career alongside Tom during the filming of the cult snowboard hit ‘The Invasion’. After the success of three snowboard films John went on to produce Coast VM, the UK’s highly rated surfing video magazine from Cornwall as well as working freelance for production companies such as Two Four and Boomerang. He is also a dab-hand at photography. With a uniquely creative approach and an eye for the abstract, his photographical work is often published in various magazines and books. His creative approach brings that special edge to our productions.


Freelance Staff

We pride ourselves on using some great additional crew members from an impressive pool of talent.  From graphic designers and musicians / composers to camera ops, editors and production assistants, we always ensure that if our project requires a larger team we can bring the best people with us.

If you’re interested in dropping us a line then why not email us your details.

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